• Volcán Cotopaxi (5.897 m)

    Travesía del laberinto de grietas en el descenso del Cotopaxi, Ecuador.

  • Camino real Guaduas - Honda
    Camino real Guaduas - Honda

    Ensamblado de Piedras.

  • Laguna Chinancocha
    Laguna Chinancocha

    Valle al norte del Huascarán, en la Cordillera Blanca, Perú.

  • Camino real Guaduas - Honda
    Camino real Guaduas - Honda

    Construido durante la Colonia por los españoles.

  • Ascenso al Nevado Ishinca
    Ascenso al Nevado Ishinca

    A la izqierda, el Palcaraju (6.110m) y a la derecha Ishinca (5.530m), Cordillera Blanca, Perú.

  • Laguna de la Isla
    Laguna de la Isla

    Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Colombia

  • Valle de Ishinca
    Valle de Ishinca

    Guía quechuahablante con burro, que carga nuestros morrales (Cordillera Blanca, Perú).

  • Frailejones debajo del Ritacuba Negro

    Sierra Nevada del Cocuy. Colombia.

  • Pan de Azúcar (5.180 m)
    Pan de Azúcar (5.180 m)

    Descendiendo de la cumbre. Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Colombia.

  • En la cumbre del Chimborazo
    En la cumbre del Chimborazo

    Los amigos Gabriel y Eduardo cubierto de hielo (Enero 2012, Ecuador).

  • Macizo del Condoriri
    Macizo del Condoriri

    Cordillera Real, Bolivia.

  • Sierra Nevada del Cocuy
    Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

    De izq. a dcha. Ritacuba Blanco, Picacho, San Pablines, Cóncavo y Pan de Azúcar. (Colombia).

  • Huayna Potosí
    Huayna Potosí

    Encima de La Paz, Bolivia.

  • Ascendiendo al San Pablín Norte (5.240m)

    Sierra Nevada del Cocuy. Colombia.

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Nevados National Park

(Google Translation). The Nevados National Park is the Colombian massif with snow most visited country. Its main peaks are the Nevado del Ruiz (5.321m), the Nevado del Tolima (5.215m), through the Santa Isabel (4.965m).


In the north and center of the park is being developed (echo?) Mass tourism promoted by the central government offers many facilities for tourists, but also for the mountaineer excessive restrictions.

Los Nevados Park can not compete with the Cocuy about the snow and rock climbing (with the exception of the Nevado del Tolima, the ibaguereños say), but they do offer beautiful scenery and the chance to meet, touch and smell landscapes with active volcanism . In addition, the park is home to several beautiful lakes, including Lake Otún, the Laguna Verde and Laguna del Encanto.

A great advantage of the Park is its central location and easy access by air and by land, making possible a summit of 5,000 in 3-4 days, which in the snowy mountains of the country other is not possible.

The following items will provide basic information on access and entry to the park, hiking and describes climbing routes to Ruiz, the Santa Isabel and the Nevado del Tolima and include some items of topical interest.

The photo in the header of this website was taken in Glacier Nevado del Ruiz, in 2008, showing traces of black ash and progress of the thaw.


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